From the start, we built our On Line Building Reports business on a foundation of respect for and trust in our clients and property agents. That's why our customer service has been praised up and down Sydney's metro region. Let us help you get a report to suit your requirement.


We're a member of the Australia & New Zealand Better Business Bureau.

philip LOWRY

Philip is our senior  Building consultant who focuses on our core business of house and home building inspection reports and keeps the wheels turning and engines running!

matthew lowry

Matt is our building consultant that looks after building inspection reporting for strata services

dominic LOWRY

Dominic is our building consultant taking requests for building inspection reports and organises inspection report timing.


Founded in 2014, On Line Building Reports was the result of my reporting work for some of the largest insurers in Australia. During the course of my work as a senior insurance case manager it became apparent that there was a need for Sydney and the surrounding regions to have clients get access to quality house and building inspections in Sydney NSW 2074 .

Our core business focuses on Pre-purchase building inspection reports in Sydney NSW 2000.     

  • Building reports
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Special purpose reports
  • Report Tendering Service
  • Staged inspection reports
  • Dilapidation inspection Reports
  • Safety inspection Reports
  • Residential, Industrial & Commercial inspection reports


Building inspections In Sydney Nsw 2074


On Line Building Reports